Dear UK Furls Family,
Bringing Furls across the pond was a big step for us and we were so excited to bring Furls a little closer to you. Unfortunately due to various reasons we will be closing the UK store, effective immediately, 17 August 2021 2pm BST.
The Furls team understands that this is disappointing news but under current conditions it is a necessary change. We hope we can revisit this in the future, but until such a time, we will be working hard to ensure we provide exceptional service to our customers in the UK and around the world (that’s you!) from our US store and warehouse.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at
Yours Sincerely, The Furls Team

How much will postage cost?
Postage depends on the weight and distance of each order, but for the average hook order it should be $28.70 (about £20.72*) for the most economical service from the US.
Example: Two - six Odyssey hooks in one order will cost $28.70 for postage.
Example: One leather travel clutch, one single hook holder and five Odyssey hooks will also be $28.70 postage to the UK.
*totals calculated with currency exchange as it stands 15 August, 2021

Do I have to pay customs duties and VAT?
If the intrinsic value of the order (not including the shipping costs) is less than £135, customs and VAT duties should not have to be paid. Check for the most up-to-date information.

How long will my order take to arrive?
We have seen orders make it in as little as one week, but the average is 10 days for the most economical service through USPS and Royal Mail.

What if I made an order through the UK/EU store before 17 August 2021, 2pm BST?
Any order placed before 2pm, August 17, 2021 will be fulfilled in the UK like normal. If any assistance is needed, we will assist you through our US customer support. Our policies still apply.