Freddie: Adorable Pewter Alpaca Pendant

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"You are SUCH a nerd!”

Freddie was used to hearing these words from the other alpacas during his classes, although they stung a little deeper each time. Having sported a tweed bow tie since his first birthday, Freddie had been teased by his alpaca peers all his life. He wished things could be different; he dreamed of being a hero.

Freddie had a love for reading, science, crocheting, knitting, and of course his afternoon tea! These passions earned him a lovely reputation with the village elders but made him an outcast amongst alpacas his own age.

One day, cries of panic were heard across the great Peruvian hills. The neighboring village of Mal Paca was up in flames! After countless hours the raging fire subsided. The citizens of Mal Paca were in agony; they had no belongings left to keep them warm and safe during the cold winter months.

Loss and despair were everywhere, but Freddie knew his time had come; one by one he shared his gifts of crocheting and crafting to his friends and family, and together they began making blankets to keep the Mal Paca community warm.

Before long, Freddie and his new friends had made more than enough shawls, blankets and ponchos to keep Mal Paca’s citizens cozy and more importantly, happy! To commemorate the hero of Mal Paca and all the surrounding villages, tweed bowties were hung upon the necks of all alpacas in the area. 

Now, the great legend of Freddie the Alpaca is told throughout the world to celebrate the nerdy hero in us all.

How It's Made

Each stunning piece of Furls’ crochet jewelry is hand-cast from the most pure pewter in the world at the Furls casting studio in California. After being removed from the molds, every piece is inspected for rigorous quality and then polished with love and care to a eye-catching, fiberartist-drool-inducing luster.

Product Specs

 Each Furls Crochet pendant arrives on an 20", Sterling Silver Snake Chain, as pictured in the photographs. The pendant is approximately 1.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall.