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Furls Streamline - Ergonomic wooden crochet hooks

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Made in India

Economical Ergonomics

See them in Action

Had just ordered two of the new Streamline hooks on sale; got them Monday and started working on a scarf for my grandson for Christmas. Wow, these hooks are so lightweight and easy on the hands and wrists!

Patrice S.

Longer Crochet Hook

We've increased both overall body length and working shaft length for our longest hooks ever; the Streamlines are a full 17.75cm in length.

Pointier Tip

The tip of the Streamlines are less rounded than our other lines for better stitch penetration while working through projects.

The Most affordable Furls

We've combined machine automation and volume production to make the Streamlines the most affordable Furls hooks.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Handmade Crochet Hook Slideshow

Hear from crochet designer Woods and Wool

I haven’t actually timed myself, but I feel like the effortlessness of these hooks does help me crochet faster. It’s not that I am zooming through my projects now, but I find that it just makes it a more smooth experience which speeds things up a little. It also helps that they help me crochet for longer periods of time."

This is the absolute best part. I can’t say how much I’m enjoying these hooks and how wonderful they feel for my hands. It’s hard to describe until you try them, but I find it makes me fall even more in love with crochet (which is saying a lot since I’m already obsessed)."

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