Furls Knitting Needles - single point - 10"

Due to the nature of the woods, color may vary.

" Wrap up, i absolutely love them. Comfortable, easy to use, + just stunning. Basically redeemed straight needles for me! "

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Made in India

Normally, I shy away from straight needles because they are rough on my wrists but these new needles from Furls Crochet are fantastic!

They are lightweight and just the right length so there's less strain on my wrists and hands. [...]

Doesn't hurt that the are gorgeous as well!

-Katy Petersen, KT & the Squid

Beautiful Single Point Knitting Needles in Rosewood, Ebony, Padauk, & Teak

Please let me just say that these needles not only look absolutely beautiful, but also work super smoothly.

My sweater is coming along so pretty, I'm surprised. My knitting before was never this neat.

So thank you! Because this is a completely new experience for me. Brilliant!

-Liliana B., Knothing Usual

Furls First Knitting Needle

Long the champion of beautiful tools for beautiful fiberartists, Furls is ecstatic to release our first tools for knitters - single point needles re-imagined with exquisite styling, portability, and hand + wrist preservation.

Lightweight & Smooth

Each needle weighs 0.3oz (9g) for an ultralight knitting experience. All needle bodies are made from dense hardwoods and nonporous aluminum and then finished to supersmooth surface.

Beautiful woods

Featured in 3 stunning styles - Teak (Teak body with Ebony and Aluminum styling), Rosewood (Rosewood body with Ebony and Aluminum Styling), and Ebony (Ebony tips & end with Padauk body and Aluminum trim).

I'm pretty picky when it comes to my knitting needles, and the Furls needles surpassed my expectations!

Yarn moves smoothly along the beautiful, polished wood, and the luxurious, lightweight feel of the needles makes the knitting experience even more enjoyable than it already is. I highly recommend these!

-Rachael J., Addison James Knits

Furls Knitting Needle Review from Anja Johnson of Peony & Thyme

They’re so lightweight that at first I was nervous that I was going to break them-haha! But after working with them and carting them along on a big road trip, I realized they’re actually really sturdy! Lightweight and sturdy is such an important combo when it’s a tool you’ll be holding for hours at a time and possibly carrying around with you in a project bag. Awesome!

They’re definitely shorter than most straight needles I’ve used. This made me wonder at first if they’d work for my large projects. But one pair was the same size as needles for a sweater I’m currently knitting, so I switched to using my Furls needles. The whole sweater front fit on them just great! (I could see the shorter length possibly being an issue if someone was making a really large shawl with 200-300 stitches, but barring that, I think it’s great! And for shawl projects like that, I always use circulars anyway, so probably a non-issue altogether.) One super cool thing is that I’ve actually started avoiding straight needles at almost all costs recently. They’re usually so long that it’s super awkward to use them while you’re trying to curl up on the couch with Netflix and get comfy. The ends poke into the couch or the throw pillows and it’s just cumbersome and annoying. So I’ve almost exclusively switched to circulars because you can knit anything on circulars using the magic loop method and they’re so compact and let your whole project fit in your lap easily. But with the Furls needles, they were plenty long enough for my sweater, AND comfortably fit in my lap while knitflixing-no awkward catching on anything! It was amazing. Haha! I think I’ll actually start using straight needles again now that I have these. Huge bonus, circulars are so wonderfully convenient and portable, but they’re nowhere near as beautiful as a classic straight needle when it comes to photos. So a straight needle that’s not awkward to use is a huge bonus for any knitter who wants that lovely Instagram photo plus a comfortable making experience.

These are gorgeous!! I really think that working with beautiful tools inspires more creativity. Beautiful tools are also just happiness-inducing!

One thing I did notice was that the beautiful inlays in the needles caught my yarn a little while I was knitting tightly with cotton yarn. (As in, when I was sliding the stitches to the needle end to knit them, they’d catch on the inlay) I started knitting just a little more loosely and then it didn’t seem to be a problem, though. And it didn’t seem to be an issue at all when I used wool yarn. I think just the fact that cotton doesn’t have much stretch at all to it was the issue. So if someone tends to knit really tightly and is using cotton, that could potentially be a little frustrating. But like I said, I just knit a little more loosely with the cotton and it was fine

Wrap up, I absolutely love them. They’re comfortable, easy to use, and just stunning. They’ve basically redeemed straight needles for me!"

Furls Knitting Needle FAQs

How heavy are these knitting needles?

Each needle weighs about 0.3oz (9g). This is half the weight of aluminum needles of the same size and one-third of the weight of a Camwood Streamline crochet hook.

Does the inlay catch on yarn?

The aluminum inlay on each needle has been sanded level with the wood as much as possible. That being said, small catches with tight stitchers, cotton yarn, and other yarns that are likely to snag may happen.

Will you be introducing other knitting needles?

Furls has plans to introduce circular needles, metal needles, and other sizes of single point needles through the rest of 2019 and 2020.

How pointy are the tips?

The wood tips of these needles are pointier than average, but are rounded to prevent splitting stitches.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason this Furls product does not live up to your wildest knit dreams, please return it with the original packaging within 90 days for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

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