Silver Alloy Spinning Wheel Pendant

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Wear Your Passion

 At Furls Fiberarts, we believe that every spinner should be proud of the gorgeous artform they uphold and the beautiful tradition they foster. We wanted something special to celebrate the spirit of the spinner, so we knew we had to create our Spinning Wheel Jewelry. Whether you need a charming piece to accompany you to your spinners group or an inspiring necklace to boast at the next fiberfest, a Furls Spinning Wheel Jewelry piece is the perfectly stylish way to honor your craft.

How It's Made

Each stunning piece of Furls’  jewelry is hand-cast from the most precious metal in the world at the Furls casting studio in California. After being removed from the molds, every piece is inspected for rigorous quality and then polished with love and care to a eye-catching, fiberartist-drool-inducing luster.

Product Specs

 Each Furls Silver Alloy Spinning Wheel pendant arrives on an 20", Sterling Silver Snake Chain, as pictured in the photographs. The pendant is approximately 1.75" inches tall.